About Grace Family Fellowship

Grace Family Fellowship is birthed in response to the calling of Christ to go and make disciples of all nations.  Also, in response to the the urgent need of Biblical teaching and Biblical fellowship in today’s culture.  At Grace Family Fellowship, our gathering is age-integrated.  That means that all ages participate together in worship, Bible teaching, and fellowship.  Our Worship is doctrinally sound and musically appealing to all ages.  Likewise, our Bible teachers make every effort to feed all ages on sound, soul-stirring expository preaching.

After our service, we host a weekly fellowship meal where we come prepared to show our love for God by the way we love and serve one another (visitors are always welcome!)  This time together every week allows for our members to really connect with one another,  “to be doers of God’s Word, and not just hearers” James 1:22, and it also allows for a time of encouragement- for iron to sharpen iron.

Rather than multiply services throughout the week, we encourage our members to live a lifestyle of ministry hospitality: hosting prayer times, Bible study groups, and work parties for one another.  In times of crisis we expect everyone to flex their schedules and squeeze their finances to pitch in and help out by preparing meals, caring for one another’s children, and helping one another make it through hard times.


See you Sunday at 10am!
1505 3rd Street, Chillicothe, MO